Project public deliverables


Work package 1

D1.3 Conceptual and DEMO roadmap


Work package 2

D2.1 Report, maps and metadata on physical potential hazards

D2.2 Report, maps and metadata on areas at risk

D2.3 Report, maps and metadata of insurance relevant natural capital and co-benefits

D2.4 Guidelines and pilot version of the eco: actuary policy support system


Work package 3

D3.1 Ambiguity analysis in social risk perception report

D3.2 Institutional analysis report

D3.3 Information sharing and learning process in risk perception report

D3.4 Deployment of the community-based monitoring system and implementation of the platform


Work package 4

D4.1 Synthetic note on the methods to evaluate insurance value of ecosystem applied to risks

D4.2 Costs of infrastructures: elements of method for their estimation

D4.3 Economic water-related risk damage estimation

D4.4 Natural capital and ecosystem services to valuate cobenefits of NBS in water related risk management


Work package 5

D5.1 Open-web based insurance value platform – outline

D5.2 Open-web based insurance value platform v1.0


Work package 6

D6.1 Catchment characterization report

D6.2 From hazards to risk: models for the DEMOs


Work package 7

D7.1 Natural Capital Market integration portrait- From Climate Finance to Insurance


Work package 8

D8.1 Mapping Insurance value in EU Policy frames Study Report

D8.2 First Policy Roundtable report and Policy Brief


Work package 9

D9.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan

D9.2 First update of the Dissemination and Communication Plan

D9.3 Second update of the Dissemination and Communication Plan