Located in the Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur region (southeast of France), in the Alpes-Maritimes department, the Nice Cote d’Azur metropolis (NCA) is a French intercommunal structure. Its largest city is Nice, which has a population of 347,798 inhabitants (Insee 2012). The city is the center of the metropolis bringing together 49 municipalities and over 540,000 inhabitants. The Mediterranean Institute for Risks, Environment and Sustainable Development (IMREDD) defines a new form of cooperation between higher education, research, laboratories, companies, competitiveness clusters, local authorities, international institutions and NGOs. It is based in the Nice Premium building in the heart of the Nice Meridia business district to reinforce partnership with local authorities. This Reference Center constitutes the first phase of the Universite Cote d’Azur (UCA) eco-campus : intelligent territory, prevention and management of risk (Eco Campus – IMREDD). It serves as a bridge between academic players and companies. Designed as a center of training and transdisciplinary research around collaborative technological platforms, between research laboratories and companies, it focuses on 4 major themes: Smart buildings and energy, water cycle, risk and environment, and smart sustainable mobility. Making a strong link to Research & Development activities of enterprises and partners, it is a place to validate new ideas, concepts or products for small businesses, micro-enterprises and startups as well. The project theme NAIAD fits into the strategic development plan of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis for the coming years which forms part of the University Cote d’Azur project application (UCAJEDI) to the French National programme “Investing for the future – IDEX-SITE -” which has been preselected by an international jury last April. Building on an ambitious and disruptive scientific vision and an uninhibited relationship with local authorities and businesses, dedicated to the economic dynamics of the territory, the UCAJEDI will be organized around five Academies of Excellence initiating a trans-disciplinary approach (Networks, information and digital society; Complex systems; Space, environment, risk and resilience; Complexity and diversity of living systems; Human societies, ideas and environments) and three Reference Centers, hosting very high level technological platforms in public-private partnership where researchers, students and companies can interact in order to invent the future: • Health, well-being and aging (Health Campus) • The intelligent territory; prevention and management of risk (Eco Campus – IMREDD) • The digital challenge (Sophiatech) So-organised, UCAJEDI will provide an effective connection and interactivity between fundamental research and innovation in order to respond to the three above-mentioned major societal challenges, targeted in a top- down approach, in close relationship with the territory and its local authorities.