UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education is the largest international water education facility in the world and is based in Delft, the Netherlands. Its mission is to contribute to the education and training of water professionals and build capacity to organisations active in the fields of water and environment

UNESCO-IHE has provided graduate education to more than 15,000 water professionals from 162 countries. Over 150 PhD fellows are currently enrolled in water-related research and more than 120 water research and capacity development projects are carried out throughout the world at any one time.

The institute has vast experience in research projects and led EU FP6 project SWITCH (Sustainable city of the future), FP7 projects KULTURisk (Knowledge-based approach to develop a prevention culture of water Risk) and PEARL (Preparing for Extreme and Rare Events in Coastal Regions). UNESCO-IHE is coordinator of two H2020 projects that are starting in 2016, AfriAlliance (Africa Water Innovation Alliance) and GroundTruth 2.0 (Environmental knowledge discovery of human sensed data). UNESCO-IHE is partner in many other FP7 and H2020 projects like ICeWater, LENVIS, WeSenseIt, Waternomics and DemEAUMed.