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King’s College London is one of England’s oldest and most prestigious university institutions: a multi-faculty research-led university college based in the heart of London with over 19,700 students, of whom more than 6,200 are postgraduates. It is ranked as one of the world’s top 25 universities. The Department of Geography of the School of Social Science and Public Policy draws on the best traditions of Geography as an integrative academic subject. We have internationally recognised experience in hydrology and water resources, land degradation in the semi-arid and arid realm, and engagement with public policy throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Department has ongoing research in the areas of scenario development and analysis, hydrology and water resources, land degradation, agriculture, environment, ecosystem services and conservation, including policy support, all of which relate to this application. King’s College London has longstanding expertise in the development of process-based models and datasets for mapping, monitoring and modelling ecosystem services and the role of green infrastructure in their production. This has been developed in Europe with the context of desertification (Mulligan et al., 2015), environmental change (Mulligan et al., 2013) and the associated development of policy support tools (Mulligan, 2015,a,b)) for trade-off analysis (Mulligan, 2015c) and more sustainable development (Mulligan, 2015c). Market focused analyses have included for water funds (Mulligan et al., 2015a) and other benefit sharing mechanisms(