Iskriva, Institute for Development of Local Potentials, is a private non-profit organisation consisting of professionals with years of experience in planning and management of regional development projects. We encourage development of local potentials contributing to the efficient use of natural, cultural and social resources, with stakeholder participation ethics as horizontal principle of operations. We cooperate with public and private sector organisations: universities, public and private institutes, ministries, municipalities, companies etc. We develop, manage and implement projects and processes that lead to the accomplishment of the best results for the social and economic development of the regions. Main pillars of our work are consisted of:

• planning and implementation of regional development projects: strategic and operational planning of projects and processes that contribute to the sustainable management of natural, cultural and economic resources in the environment
• involvement of stakeholders in planning and decision-making development processes for the purposes of preparing and/or implementation of developemnt projects
• preparation of studies: business plans, evaluations, feasibility studies, economic analyses,
• implementation of projects of Economic Valuations of Ecosystem Services and Corporate Ecosystem Valuation
• development cooperation and networking for joint business development in various fields,
• training and events which demonstrate experience and tested approaches in a practical way, providing the participants a comprehensive framework and tools on how to approach the identification, development and implementation of complex projects or business ideas.

Tasks of the NAIAD projects require know-how and understanding of Environmental economics, planning and implementation of Stakeholder participation processes, experience in international business and connections to different stakehoders at national and international level. Iskriva profile responds to the needs of NAIAD projects, since the core activities of Iskriva Institute correspond to the need for experts, networks and project references at national and international level.