The IGME is a self-governing Public Research Institution attached to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The functions of the Geological Survey of Spain are:

(i) Studies, analysis and research in the field of Earth Sciences and Technologies.

(ii) Generation of basic scientific knowledge.

(iii) Information, technical-scientific assistance and advice to public administrations, economic agents and society in general,concerning geology, hydrogeology, geoenvironmental sciences, geological resources and minerals.

(iv) Interdisciplinary relations with other areas of knowledge, contributing to the best understanding of the territory and of the processes that form and modify it, to the sustainable use of its resources and the conservation of the geological and hydrogeological heritage.

(v) Preparing and implementing budgets of R&D&I and knowledge infrastructures in national and international programmes, within the scope of its competences.

Some of the main activities of the IGME are: geoscientific information systems, geoscientific mapping, subsurface geology and CO2 geological storage, geodiversity, geological and mining heritage and scientific culture, mineral resources and environmental impact of mining, geological hazards, active processes and global change, hydrogeology and environmental quality.

The IGME role in the proposal will be the identification and assessment of the ecosystem services in the demo sites selected in Spain. Also it will be contributing to the groundwater – ecosystems characterization and the analysis of wetlands resilience with special emphasis on changes caused by climate change and anthropogenic actions.