Business Development Group (BDG) is a management consultancy company with over 20 years experience in contributing to the local development in Romania and Central & Eastern Europe. BDG’s activity is focused on sustainable local development by creating a competitive institutional and economic environment, coherent policy making and development of functional institutional and legislative frameworks to stimulate business development and private-public partnerships.

BDG renders a wide range of services to public and private clients such as elaboration of public policies document (strategies, action plans, etc), market surveys, environmental assessments, business modelling, business promotion, public involvement, management of consultation processes, information and knowledge dissemination. In the BDG portfolio we have both private SME’s and public institutions in Romania and EU. We collaborate in various bilateral initiatives at governmental level bridging for practical results implementation in local communities in areas such as adaptation to climate change, water, soil and management of contaminated sites, aquifer recharge and energy storage, energy performance in buildings, territorial planning, better/smart regulation. We also participate in European consortia under various initiatives such as Intelligent Energy Europe and Horizon 2020.